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Other Ways to Give

Give an In-Kind Gift of Goods or Services
Captured at Woodbine on 27 9, 2021 by Bethany P Photography
Share your treasures and talents with horses in need!

DEFHR accepts in-​kind gifts of new or gently used items including:

DEFHR also welcomes donations of services such as:

Have an item you want to donate to DEFHR, but don’t see it listed? Click here to contact DEFHR.

Horse Tack

DEFHR welcomes donations of well-​maintained, lightly used or new horse tack and other horse-​related items. No helmets, please.

Items that cannot be utilized in the rehabilitation or training of DEFHR’s horses will be sold in Tinkerbell’s Tack & Treasures, DEFHR’s used tack shop affectionately known as “Tinks.” Proceeds from Tinks are reinvested to benefit the horses in DEFHR’s rehabilitation program.

Among DEFHR’s most needed items are:

  • Breakaway halters (all sizes)
  • Replacement leather crown pieces for breakaway halters
  • Cotton lead ropes (9′ or longer preferred)
  • Bell boots (velcro preferred)
  • Waterproof turnout blankets or sheets (all sizes)


Under direction from a team of veterinarians, DEFHR staff and volunteers provide critical medical care to horses impounded by animal welfare authorities due to abuse or neglect; this rehabilitative care requires a significant amount of resources including medical supplies.

Among DEFHR’s most needed items are:

  • Antibiotics
    • Sulfatrimethaprim
    • Doxycycline
    • Chloramphenicol
    • Tucoprim Powder
    • Naxel
  • Anti-​inflammatories, antihistamines, and steroids
    • Dexamethasone
    • Phenylbutazone
    • Banamine
    • Azium powder packets
    • Aspirin powder
  • Sedatives
    • Xylazine
    • Dormosedan
    • Acepromazine
  • Medicated cleansers
    • Betadine
    • Chlorhexidine
    • Antimicrobial shampoo
  • Scissors (bandage and suture)
  • Stethoscopes
  • Digital thermometers
  • Thrush medication
  • Microtek Spray
  • Ointments
    • Desitin
    • Vaseline
    • Triple antibiotic
    • Hydrocortisone
    • Tea tree oil
    • Biozide
    • Furazone
    • Icthamol
    • DermaVet
    • Silver sulfadiazine
  • Wraps and bandages
    • Vet wrap
    • Cotton sheeting
    • 4×4 nonstick gauze pads
    • 4″ Elasticon
  • Digestive health treatments
    • Ivermectin/​Praziquantel dewormer
    • UlcerGard, UGard, GastroGard
    • Vitamin b‑12
    • Red Cell

Hay, Feed, and Supplements

Caring for 70 to 90 horses at a time can require a significant amount of resources. Consider donating your extra feed, forage, or supplements.

Among DEFHR’s most needed items are:

  • Farmer’s Cooperative FeedPremium Senior
  • Premium Fiberize
  • Fortify
  • Triple Crown Senior Feed
  • Alfalfa forage cubes
  • Hay (high-​quality grass or grass-​mix, in round or square bales)
  • Nibble nets
  • Cosequin
  • Electrolytes
  • Probiotics
  • Corn oil
  • Mineral blocks
  • Salt blocks
  • Heated 20-​gallon flat-​back buckets


DEFHR cannot provide emergency response to horses in need without a truck and horse trailer. Vehicles are also used to complete daily farm maintenance projects including moving building materials to a project site or disposing of garbage.

Among DEFHR’s most needed items are:

  • Rescue truck (new preferred) – for use in hauling DEFHR’s rescue horse trailer
  • Farm truck – for use around the farm only; does not need to be road-​worthy, but does need to be safe and able to be driven
  • Trash truck – for use to haul trash to the dump; must be road-​worthy and have a large bed
  • Commercial van – for use to haul supplies, merchandise, and materials to trade shows and special events; must be road-​worthy and have a large cargo area

Ready to donate your vehicle to DEFHR? Click here to use DEFHR’s interactive online guide to charitable vehicle donations. 

Farm Equipment

Maintaining a 61-​acre property requires significant farm equipment such as a tractor, lawn mower, and weed-​whackers. Consider donating your extra farm equipment to DEFHR.

Among DEFHR’s most needed items are:

  • Large tractor with bucket and bush-hog
  • Round-​bale spike and fork attachments for tractor
  • Skid loader and attachments
  • Gator or similar utility vehicle
  • Riding lawn mowers
  • Weed-​whackers

Office Equipment

Operating a successful nonprofit requires a significant amount of office work in addition to the rehabilitative care taking place in the barn at DEFHR. Consider donating your unused office supplies, technology, or furniture to DEFHR.

Among DEFHR’s most needed items are:

  • Copy paper
  • Laminating sheets (3 mil and 5 mil)
  • Forever stamps
  • Heavy-​duty vacuum

Services In-​Kind

Make a difference by donating your time and expertise to DEFHR by giving a service in-kind.

Among DEFHR’s most needed services are:

  • Horse training
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Electric
  • Landscaping
  • Printing
  • Graphic design

Click here to contact DEFHR’s Development Office for more information on donating services in-kind.

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