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Transformation begins with healing

DEFHR’s mission to end equine cruelty begins with providing aid to horses in need of rehabilitative care and extensive medical treatment. Through years of experience caring, nurturing, retraining, and rehoming, DEFHR staff are advocating for the horse from start to finish. Our rehabilitation process is thoroughly tailored to each horse to ensure a successful outcome for each horse in transition.


Within hours after arrival, horses are independently evaluated by our team of veterinarians and placed on an individualized recovery plan that includes a careful refeeding schedule, regular farrier appointments, vaccinations and deworming, and any therapeutic treatments needed for the road to recovery. Every horse’s rehabilitation — from intake condition to follow on care — is carefully documented and often used as evidence during court proceedings.

Because of the extensive hands-​on care received in the DEFHR program, our trainers are able to accurately evaluate the condition of each horse both physically and mentally. Horses are assessed for soundness, riding ability, and ground manners. This helps determine the best path forward in the training process once their medical or physical concerns are addressed. While our initial evaluation period is 30 days, some cases may require six months or more of ongoing care. 
Training is the final step before horses are deemed ready for adoption. Our trainers work with each horse on the ground and, if capable, under saddle to prepare them for adoption. Training is as much a listening process as it is teaching, and we let our horses tell us what jobs and what adopters they will be best suited for through a discovery of their strengths, weaknesses, and unique personalities. 

Horses currently in the rehabilitative process are not available for adoption.

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