Education comes on four legs

From a retired police horse to a show-​stopping mini to gentle survivors of abuse and neglect, our equine ambassadors are the physical embodiment of our mission and aid in our community outreach of compassionate treatment of horses. Each ambassador is a teacher in our education programs at DEFHR’s main facility. They also serve as four-​legged advocates against equine cruelty at many off-​farm events, festivals, and expos.

View each one of our current ambassadors below or schedule a tour at our facility in Woodbine, MD, to meet one in person!

Dorito Dip

Dorito Dip joined DEFHR’s team of ambassadors in 2021. Dorito has quickly become a favorite among tours and volunteer groups. This miniature donkey is the first to greet you at the fence and enjoys face scratches from all his new friends and visitors! Make sure to ask to meet Dorito when you schedule a farm tour!

Eddie’s Eldorado

Eddie’s Eldorado was donated to DEFHR’s ambassador program in 2014. He loves teaching new volunteers and children the basics of horse care. Eddie rides English and Western, and he loves going on trail rides! Eddie has a goofy personality and loves people!


Isaac came to DEFHR in 2007 as an unhandled colt out of Prince George’s County, MD. He arrived underweight, infested with parasites, and fearful of humans. His rehabilitation process helped him to trust humans, and as an equine ambassador, Isaac teaches hundreds of people each year how to lead, groom, and care for a horse. His calm temperament and puppy dog personality make him a great educator for onsite programs, clinics, and offsite events.


Nugget came to DEFHR in 2015 as a neglect case from Baltimore City, MD. Nugget’s smaller stature is perfect for children attending Legacy Camp or those volunteering with horses for the first time. He is always patient and kind, but he does have a sense of humor! His mischievous personality has made many people giggle!

Officer Barney

Officer Barney joined our ambassador team in 2015. After living a full working life — he was the lead horse for an Amish plow team and then spent 12 years in the Baltimore Mounted Police Unit — Barney was semi-​retired to DEFHR at age 18. In his current job, Barney has introduced thousands of people to horses, taught them about responsible horse care, and shown them just how gentle the largest of horses can be!


O’Malley came to DEFHR in 2019 out of a neglect case from Taylor County, WV. He was severely emaciated and riddled with parasites. After a successful rehab, O’Malley joined DEFHR’s team of equine ambassadors where he is a favorite among our summer campers, volunteers, and sponsors. O’Malley has also assisted DEFHR trainers with teaching young horses in all manner of things, like getting them used to riding.

Rodger’s Regent

Rodger’s is a 19-​year-​old Arabian who arrived at DEFHR in December 2020 as a thin, quiet gentleman who was in need of some extra groceries, attention and a kind interaction with people. He slowly blossomed into a goofy, interactive, fun loving guy! He loves instigating play in his field and getting snacks from his human buddies. He spends his days chilling in the field, getting a ton of attention from volunteers and sponsors and even teaching people foundational groundwork exercises. He has a heart issue that doesn’t allow too much riding activity but he doesn’t mind! He has been a wonderful addition to DEFHR’s ambassador program.

Topsy Turvey

Topsy Turvey arrived to DEFHR in 2006 as an emaciated weanling that was terrified of humans. He is now one of our star ambassadors! Turvey is a talented jumper, but he also enjoys some dressage work. Turvey excels when teaching kids and helping young riders gain confidence.

Vinni the Mini

Vinni the Mini came to DEFHR in 2018 as a neglect case from Frederick County, MD. He was a body condition score of a 2, which means that he was underweight and very sick. Despite his rough beginnings, Vinni’s larger-​than-​life personality has made him an ambassador favorite! Vinni loves to travel to different events, fairs, and expos to spread awareness and show the versatility of the rescue horse. Vinni also serves as a therapy horse: he visits local schools, assisted living homes, and hospice centers.

Woolly Winter Waldo

Woolly Winter Waldo was donated to DEFHR’s ambassador program in 2018. He loves teaching new volunteers and kids from the summer Legacy Camp program the basics of horse care including leading, grooming, and bathing. Waldo is also a superstar at teaching volunteers basic groundwork skills such as lunging and trailer loading. He loves snacks, trail rides, and being the herd leader in his field.

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