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Maryland Equine Transition Service
Owner Assistance

When the horse industry comes together, we can truly change the physical and emotional wellbeing of every horse in transition in our program. Be a part of ensuring every horse has a protected future.

Our Owner Assistance Program, also known as the Maryland Equine Transition Service (METS), is a statewide equine safety net initiative, sponsored in part by Maryland Horse Council Foundation, to provide responsible alternatives for horses needing homes and assistance by helping owners to identify and select the best transition options for their horses.

Equines in need of transition come in every shape, size, breed, color, age, training level, and temperament. METS provides individualized services for these horses, including equine assessment and consultation, marketing assistance, end-​of-​life support, owner education and safety net resources, and facilitating the transition of horses into new homes. The program is unique because it works with a wide network of industry organizations, professionals and private owners to source the best options – from retraining to retirement –because no horse in Maryland should ever be at risk of neglect or entering the slaughter pipeline.

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Ensuring every horse has a protected future.

About the program

Equine Consultation

It all starts with you! We want to get to know you and your horse. If you found us, you probably need assistance in determining the next step in your horse’s life. Deciding to no longer own your horse or make an end-​of-​life decision can be stressful. It is our goal to provide our expert experience to help you explore what options you have and assist you in preparing for the next steps. Our consultation service is via zoom or over the phone. It consists of a detailed questionnaire and conversation to get to know you, your horse, and your needs. Using the information gathered, we will then outline a custom plan just for you and your horse. Your plan could include locating resources, providing onsite assessment, marketing, or all the above.

Equine Assessment

My plan includes an equine assessment. what does that look like? 

If your custom plan includes an equine assessment, trained equine experts will meet with you and conduct a mobile assessment at the horse’s location. We believe meeting your horse in person provides the highest level of assessment and support.

 The session will typically include:

  • Photographing your horse. We encourage you to give us additional photos of your time with your horse and its history. We live in an online shopping world – so let’s work together to tell your horse’s story the best we can. 
  • Interview. The more we get to know you and your horse, the more we can tell your story. Our assessor cares about giving your horse’s next owner the ability to be the next chapter of their book versus starting a new one. During our assessment, we look forward to getting to know more about you and your horse, not to mention your relationship and history with the horse, to ultimately find you the best placement options. 
  • General health and soundness assessment. You will outline any known history about your horse and we will support with a basic hands-​on assessment, if able. Using our health assessment tool, we can support the horse’s known health needs. 
  • Behavioral assessment. You will help us understand the day-​to-​day personality of your horse and use a behavioral assessment tool to support the horse’s handling and care needs. 
  • Riding assessment, if applicable and appropriate (this is an observation of the horse being ridden by the owner or owner-​appointed rider). We collect information on the horse’s known under saddle history. If the horse is rideable, we will observe it being ridden to get pictures and videos, and add this information to our training assessment tool. 
  • Discussion of options. Our assessment team reports all information about your horse to the Days End Farm leadership team for final recommendations. We want to ensure you’re getting the highest level of expertise for you and your horse’s plan. Our staff will then follow up with you to advise on a plan and next steps. But don’t worry, YOU get to make the final decision on which option, if any, you choose to follow.

Consultation Results


My horse has been recommended to receive placement services. What now?

You will gain access to Days End Farm’s marketing team to create a placement plan. We will work with you to continue building your online profile and ongoing marketing to promote your horse. It’s our goal to ensure we market your horse to allow its potential next owner to truly hear your horse’s story. You and your horse will be placed into our Owner-​to-​Owner program, and we will screen potential applicants to provide you with the best information so you can make an educated, evidence-​based decision. 

End of Life or Rescue Resources

My horse has been recommended to receive end-​of-​life support.

Although this can be a difficult conclusion to our assessment, we will always keep your horse’s best interest as our priority. When a horse’s quality of life is declining, it is our belief that the greatest gift you can give your horse is to provide them with a peaceful and stress-​free end, at home with you. We will support you through this process and provide the guidance and support needed. We are ultimately here to support you and your horse through its final transition.


My horse has been recommended to receive rehabilitative care.

In some situations, a horse’s condition is not suitable for placement into a new home, but it also does not warrant end-​of-​life care. These horses need more intensive attention and care to improve their condition and enable them to progress to their next home. Typically, this would mean that a horse requires physical rehabilitation, but it can also mean they require mental rehabilitation or extensive training. We work with our network to locate the best option for assistance in these more critical cases. We will leverage our expertise in this space to ensure we give your horse the best chance at a recovered state and next transition.

Owner Resources

Your needs may not always include transitioning your horse. We often provide with the means to locate professionals who can assist in health, training and housing needs. Alternatively, owners, may need access to learning resources that can support the welfare of their horse. Below you can find links to some of recommended places to start or email us at [email protected].

Locate state wide resources and community of horse industry supporters.

Locate a licensed boarding, lesson or training barn.

Wide variety of resources for horse owners and stable managers.

If you need to locate a rescue in your area.

Provides a selection of safety net programs

If you need to locate a rescue in your area.


Compassion for horses doesn’t stop at Days End.

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