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Gain experience for your equine career

Internships at DEFHR give emerging professionals valuable insight into the day-​to-​day management, operations, and requirements of a large horse rescue. Interns can utilize skills learned at DEFHR in their next careers in equine management, training, animal welfare advocacy, equine rehabilitation, nonprofit marketing, facility management, and countless additional areas within the industry. Our internship positions are available as both residential and nonresidential positions and cover the following areas of DEFHR.

Education Internships

Educating a variety of ages and developing curriculum in equine care, handling, and environmental awareness.

Equine Internships
Gaining experience in equine care, rehabilitation, and natural horsemanship training both on ground and under saddle. 
Business Internships

Specializing in nonprofit marketing, community outreach, social media management, and event planning.

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Internship Type
Equine Care & Rehabilitation Internship
Equine Care & Rehabilitation
Equine Training Internship
Equine Training
Education Internship: Summer 2024
Education Internship


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