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Success makes everyone happy
Success doesn’t look the same for every horse, but every success is celebrated.

DEFHR equine alumni have gone on to be loving companions, competitive show horses, essential therapeutic assistants, and beloved family members. Every link below is a beautiful story of compassion, love, and triumph. 

Before & After

We invite you to be inspired by the partnership evident in each success story — a glimpse into the incredible bonds formed between human and equine.

Date Adopted:
September 18, 2018


Quest’s success story is one that inspires. It is about a little pony who refused to let his past and years of abuse define him. On August 21, 2015, animal control officers in Washington County, MD, were completing a routine welfare check when they came across an old stable where Quest and two other horses were locked away for more than 10 years. Quest’s hooves had grown 3 feet in length, curling and spiraling out, making it nearly impossible for him to walk. In the weeks and months that followed his rescue, we witnessed an incredible transformation both physically and mentally. A pony that had not been able to lay down in years was now rolling in the mud and calling out to other horses at the farm; Quest was learning to be a horse again. He continued to surpass all odds when he was cleared for training by our veterinarian and farrier 5 months after arriving! His remarkable character continued to shine through as a trick pony who spent the following summer performing at local fairs and festivals — he inspired all who met him. We are so proud of Quest and so thankful for a chance to be a small part in his incredible journey!

Click here to watch a video on Quest’s incredible transformation.

Date Adopted:
April 17, 2018

October Orchid

Orchid arrived to Days End in 2016 as an emaciated foal in critical condition. She was so hungry she had to wear a muzzle to keep her from eating the shavings in her stall. Orchid was part of an impound of 11 horses from West Virginia, which included her mother. We were devastated when we lost her mother a few days after they arrived due to the extent of starvation and parasitism that plagued her body. With the loss of Orchid’s mother, we were even more determined that this little orphaned foal would survive.

As the weeks passed, staff worked tirelessly to ensure her every need was met and she had the best chance at a full recovery. Before we knew it, our little emaciated foal had grown up into a healthy and kind filly that was happily running around the field as part of our mare herd. The following year Orchid was adopted into a wonderful home. We were left with happy tears as we watched her board the trailer, reminiscing about how far she had come and all the odds she had beaten during her time at DEFHR!

Date Adopted:
May 5, 2012

Zodiac Zar

Zodiac Zar came to Days End Farm Horse Rescue in 2010 as a broken horse that united our community with his determination to survive. After a successful racing career with earnings of over $200,000 in 26 starts, Zodiac was retired to a farm in West Virginia with 50 other horses in 2010. The farm was not the rehabilitation facility it claimed to be, and, sadly, the horses were starving and dying when animal control was alerted to the situation. Animal control seized all of the horses and DEFHR took in eight of the most critical horses, which included Zodiac. Zodiac scored the lowest body score on the Henneke horse body condition scoring system at a 1. He was severely emaciated with no fat reserves remaining. As one of our most critical cases to date, Zodiac was suffering from multiple life-​threatening conditions including ulcers in his digestive system and in his eyes, lymphangitis, sporadic low-​grade fevers, dehydration, and extreme malnourishment. Too weak to stand on his own, Zodiac received 24-​hour supportive care in the Anderson Sling for 9 long weeks. Zodiac also received around-​the-​clock intravenous fluids and blood plasma to aid his recovery. Zodiac’s recovery took a village of dedicated staff and volunteers who never gave up on this charming gelding. When he was adopted in May 2012, there were happy tears in everyone’s eyes as Zodiac’s team of supporters, lined DEFHR’s driveway and waved their favorite chestnut gelding goodbye, wishing him a lifetime of happiness in his new home.

Every new volunteer and visitor to DEFHR learns about Zodiac and watches a video about his remarkable recovery. Over a decade later, his story provides new supporters the opportunity to see what can happen when a team of people come together to save lives.

Click here to watch a video on Zodiac’s incredible transformation.

Date Adopted:
January 24, 2007

Baker Bean

Baker Bean came to Days End Farm Horse Rescue in October 2006 with eight horses from Calvert County, MD. His growth was so stunted from neglect and malnourishment that he appeared to be a crippled foal, but was actually almost two years old suffering from a rusty nail in his hoof. Baker Bean was near death when he arrived; his hip bones barely spanned a foot a part. In the first couple of weeks, Baker Bean needed to be lifted to his feet at least once a day because he was too weak to get up on his own. Staff members never gave up on this little colt and were determined to help him make a full recovery, checking on him around the clock and, hand-​feeding him meals every 4 hours. As the weeks passed, Baker Bean started regaining his strength and staff celebrated small wins with him, like the day he was strong enough to stand up on his own. Eventually, Baker Bean made a full recovery and the once- suffering colt was ready for a home of his own! He was adopted by one of DEFHR’s dedicated volunteers, Tina Snyder, and lives a life of luxury at Safe Haven Farm with Tina and her other rescue horses. Baker Bean is an ambassador for rescue horses everywhere, proving that they are capable of anything! Baker Bean has had a successful career as a show horse competing in both hunters and eventing. We are so proud of Baker Bean and thankful for his adopter’s commitment to him, helping him live the best life possible!

Date Adopted:
March 21, 2016


Mika arrived in 2013 in desperate need: she was starving and extremely dehydrated from months of neglect. When she laid down to rest, she was so weak and her system so depleted she was unable to stand on her own. She spent weeks living in our Anderson Sling, slowly regaining her strength. Mika arrived in March when it was bitterly cold out; one of our volunteers parked their camper near the barn to give staff and volunteers a place to rest between shifts while monitoring her 24 hours a day.

It didn’t take long for Mika to bounce back, and that summer she started in our training program where she enjoyed going on trail rides and, working in the ring. She impressed us when we took her cross country schooling for the first time! Mika was adopted in 2015 to a wonderful family and has been back to the farm to visit many times during clinics and other events. She is a remarkable mare, and we are so thankful for everyone that was a part of her rehab and journey at Days End!

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