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Have you Herd? There’s a new way YOU can play a vital role in the recovery and ongoing well-​being of horses.

Help end equine cruelty.

What is the Herd?

The Herd is a group of passionate and dedicated monthly givers who envision a culture of humane care and compassion for all equines. People like you, from across the United States and around the world, giving what they can to show, how together we can make a difference in the lives of horses.

Horses thrive in a herd. Together, they are fulfilled by companionship and gain a sense of wellbeing. As humans, we appreciate similar opportunities. We gravitate toward groups of likeminded people, fulfilled by the sense of belonging and working together to make a difference.

As life changers and impact makers, your monthly gift enables the continuation of our ground-​breaking initiatives that impact the lives of horses and inspire advocates of all ages and backgrounds to help put an end to equine suffering.

Together we CAN make an impact!

Over the course of a year, your recurring gift makes a huge difference! Here are 6 key areas where we know we can have the greatest impact: 


Your donation supports the growth of innovative education programs committed to creating an empathetic and caring community. Your monthly gift provides people with unique opportunities to learn hands-​on from our rescue horses and see neglect and abuse firsthand.


Your support provides a suffering horse with a lifetime commitment to the 5 freedoms. They will never feel pain from abuse or neglect ever again

Horse Care

Your gift enables DEFHR’s team to continue advancing equine rehabilitation practices. Your donation provides a horse in need with 24/​7 observation and the expert care they require.

Law Enforcement

Your donation allows our team of experts to work hard for the advancement of equine welfare. Your support educates animal welfare professionals on equine neglect & abuse, and more importantly, allows them to do something about it.

Youth Empowerment

Your monthly gift supports youth education and volunteer programs that are crucial to creating a better future, free of equine cruelty. Your donation empowers the next generation of animal owners, adopters and advocates.

horse training

Your support provides a horse with extensive natural horsemanship training and helps them find their forever family. Your donation helps place horses in homes and welcomes more horses in need into our lifesaving programs.

Together, we are a community of change makers.
We are The Herd. 


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