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New Zealand Horse Talk Magazine: Horse rescue farm takes over equine transition service


A US horse rescue operation has taken over an equine safety-​net initiative in Maryland in a move that those behind the transition say will “reimagine and advance the future of equine welfare”.

Woodbine, Maryland-​based Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR) announced this month that it had absorbed Maryland Equine Transition Service (METS) into its operation.

With more than three decades of work in the equine welfare industry, DEFHR shelters up to 150 horses annually and prioritizes education for animal control/​welfare agencies, law enforcement, and the general public. Embedding METS within DEFHR will enable more education of more people about horses in transition, and ensure a better long-​term outcome for equines.

METS began in 2018 when the Maryland Horse Council (MHC) Foundation created a pilot program, and was the first program of its kind to be taken on by a state-​wide horse council. Since 2018, METS has successfully assessed more than 240 horses and transitioned more than 135 horses.

By helping horse owners identify and select the best transition options for their horses, METS ensures that safe alternatives for horses needing homes and end of life support are available and accessible to all Maryland owners who need the service. “DEFHR’s expertise in equine intervention and education, coupled with METS’ unique transition service offerings, will reimagine and advance the future of equine welfare,” the groups said in a statement.

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