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Quarter Horse


15.0 hh








Howard County

If you're looking for a horse with a fun personality and who enjoys easy trail rides, Hyde could be your guy! Hyde is a lovely 15h, ~13 year old grade Quarter Horse gelding seeking a companion or light riding home. His owner purchased him from a barn that retrains auction horses, so not much is known about his history and he did not come with papers. Since having him, his owner has been riding him on the trails with their daughter, but more recently has not been able to ride nearly as much and feels he'd do best in another home that will provide him with the attention he loves and deserves.

Hyde's owner tells us that he is phenomenal on the trail and we got to witness that first-hand when we went to visit. He's not a fan of arena work and would much rather go see the sights and sounds that can only be experienced outside of the ring. We observed him hit the trails with ease and zero hesitation. He walked up and down hills, over uneven terrain, and crossed mud and water with ease. Apparently he does like to splash and maybe even lay down in the water, so one must be prepared! The good thing is that he's a great bareback ride, and would probably love to go for a swim every now and then!

Hyde will go out on the trail alone or with other horses. He's been ridden both English and Western. He has a nice forward walk and can be sensitive to aids, so he'd probably would be best suited for an intermediate rider on the trail. But an advanced beginner may have fun with him too. He's suitable for mostly walk/trot with an occasional canter or popping over a log.

This boy has a goober, in-your-pocket personality on the ground. He LOVES people and attention! Hyde is the type of horse that will approach anyone with enthusiasm to see what kind of treats they may be hiding for him. He'll even put on a show and give you a smile on-command! As a result, we feel Hyde may also do very well with liberty or trick work, if someone wanted to take that type of training on with him.

Hyde does require some ongoing maintenance, mostly to manage some mild navicular changes in the front end and arthritis in the hind end. He is maintained with shoes all the way around, with the fronts being wedged bars. He has received coffin joint and hock injections in the past year, and also receives daily Cosequin and Previcox to help keep him comfortable. Hyde can have trouble standing for the farrier to work on his hinds, so he is sedated to make things easier on everyone.

Aside from the above, Hyde is a very easy-keeper. He has been stalled, but his owners have found he's most comfortable when turned out 24/7 and able to move. He cross-ties, bathes and bathes. He's currently turned out with geldings and takes more of a submissive role in the herd, so he'd make a great companion horse. Hyde is UTD on everything and will come with 3-in-1 turnout system, cooler and halter.

If you feel Hyde may be a great match for you, inquire about him today and let's chat!

Experience Level Required for Handling:

Advanced Beginner

Experience Level Required for Riding:


Suitable Disciplines:

Riding HorseCompanion Horse (Non-Riding)PleasureTrailsLiberty/Groundwork Partner

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