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15.0 hh








Harford County

UPDATE FROM OWNER (1/16/2024) - "We have a young lady who has been working with Buddy. [...]she can put a halter on/off, he walks on a lead, and lets her brush his mane. She says he is gentle, smart, and wants to please."

Buddy is a handsome ~20 year old, approximately 15h branded Mustang gelding seeking a new home with someone experienced and/or equipped enough to provide him with training. Buddy's owner took him in as a companion for their daughter's horse years ago. Since that horse's passing, he has been living with goats and a livestock guardian dog, and has been quite content. However, his owners are getting older and feel that Buddy would do better in a new home with someone who has the time and facilities to bring him along in his handling.

His owner does not have any registration papers for Buddy and has limited knowledge about his past. His brand is difficult to read without clipping, but it appears that it may say he was born in either 2003 or 2005. Once he's to a point where his brand can be clipped, one may be able to confirm his registration and learn more about where he came from.

Buddy will require someone with advanced horse handling skills. They should either have experience training horses with limited handling or they should be prepared to work with a professional trainer to bring him along. He is very food-motivated and will walk up to you looking for goodies. We were able to give him scratches on his shoulder and skim our hand quickly down his forearm, neck and behind his withers, but that was the extent of contact that Buddy would allow. He was very curious and we could tell he wanted to interact with us, but he lacked the confidence and trust to allow us to get too close. He never once was unkind or showed us any signs of aggression.

Though Buddy needs to be updated on all aspects of care, including vaccinations, Coggins, hoof trim, deworming, and dental float, he appears to be in great condition overall. He maintained his weight all winter on primarily grass hay. We were able to get Buddy to trot a bit for us and he appeared to be sound. He was submissive with his previous gelding companion and even backs down to his current goat friends! So he'd probably make an excellent companion in his new home.

Buddy would make a great training project for someone able and willing to invest patient time into him. He may end up being a horse who can be ridden, but we don't think Buddy would object to simply being a companion horse. Given his affinity for treats, he may also do very well with positive reinforcement, clicker/liberty training. If you feel you can give Buddy what he needs to succeed in his next phase of life, let us know!

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Companion Horse (Non-Riding)Training Project

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