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16.3 hh








Montgomery County

Bold's owner would prefer to place him in Maryland or within immediate surrounding states. Rider weight limit of 160lbs.

Bold was born in 2008 and is a 16.3hh OTTB gelding. This handsome chap is charismatic, pleasant and a little bit of a joker. He’s the kind of horse that will love and adore his person but only if he picks them himself. He has a super level head but of course is still a fun and bright TB. Though talented and skilled under saddle, he has had some issues with his soundness that put his under saddle abilities in question. His owner thinks a primarily companion home would be best for him. He may be able to be lightly ridden on the trail, but that shouldn't be a priority for his new owner.

Bold foundered in 2015. As a result, he does require meds in the form of Prascend and Equioxx to keep him comfortable. He requires turnout on a dry lot or with a grazing muzzle if on lower quality grass. He enjoys daily turnout, with length of time outside adjusted with the weather conditions. Bold has been out of regular work, so if someone intends to lightly ride him, they would need to take their time to bring him up slowly. He'd do best trail riding on soft, non-rocky terrain. Ring work should be kept to a minimum. He likes to get out and about anyway. :)

Bold ties and is used to an active barn. We actually witnessed him standing for grooming/tacking up with dogs and cats milling all about. He is best in a gelding only herd. He tends to be a bit of a ladies man and draw mares to him like a magnet. He is fine to be kept next to mares in the field or stall. He does like to show off his typical TB gelding skills by engaging in lots of play with his herd mates. He is more dominant but not mean on nasty in any way.

Bold is up to date with shots, vet visits, Coggins, dentist and farrier. He will need to be shod in front with pads by a kind, patient and educated farrier.

JC Name Bold Conviction Career; 8 starts, 1 Win, 0 Places, Earnings $28,575

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Companion Horse (Non-Riding)Trails

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