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Equiery: Days End Farm Horse Rescue: Reimagining the Future of Equine Welfare

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A Horse Named Toby
Not many people know that it was a malnourished buckskin gelding by the name of Toby that served as the impetus for starting Days End Farm Horse Rescue (DEFHR), based in Woodbine. Back in 1989, Kathy Schwartz-​Howe and her then-​husband Allan Schwartz happened upon Toby while caring for their own horse at the barn where it was boarded.

Toby’s health was quickly declining, and he was seemingly abandoned. When the Schwartzes ascertained that the state of Maryland did not have facilities to assist law enforcement in caring for horses in Toby’s predicament, or to provide resources for owners in need, they soon found themselves taking steps to acquire Toby and rehabilitate him. Mrs. Schwartz-​Howe bootstrapped her way through much of Toby’s rehabilitation and Maryland’s legal system, though she credits local experts, welfare professionals, and veterinarians for lending critical knowledge related to tending to the unique needs of horses recovering from neglect. To continue reading click here.

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