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Petite Amour




15.3 hh




Dark Bay




Carroll County

Petite Amour is a 1998, 15.3h registered OTTB gelding seeking a home as a companion. After two years of racing and career earnings of just over $42,000 at the track, Amour was retired in 2001 and purchased by his current owner. For the past 21 years, Amour has been at his current home where he was ridden in 4H, but otherwise had a very easy, non-eventful life. Due to his owner having difficulty keeping up with the farm, both physically and financially, Amour and his two herd mates (Tom Tom and Ears on Backwards) are in urgent need of new, loving homes.

Amour is suitable for an intermediate handler and would do well in a herd with a wide variety of equines. He's currently turned out with a mare and pony gelding, with whom he gets along well, but is very attached. Amour can be a bit buddy sour and prefers to be within close range of his herd mates at all times. When he's with them, he will do just about anything you ask of him. He ties for grooming, bathes and spray, is good for the vet and farrier, and is behaved in a stall so long as a friend is next to him.

Amour is blind in his left eye, which only needs occasional eye meds to maintain. We witnessed his owner give him his eye meds without a halter or lead rope, and he was a very good boy. He was good for grooming and picked up all four hooves without issue. Amour will need updated shots, Coggins, dental and farrier care, but he is updated on deworming.

If you feel you could give Amour the home he deserves, let us know!

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Not Applicable

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Companion Horse (Non-Riding)

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