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Peter Piper

Adoption Fee:



Tennessee Walker


15.0 hh







Peter Piper is an approximately 18-year-old Tennessee Walking horse gelding. Peter is a charming, balanced gelding that is being offered as a non-riding companion. Peter has chronic medial and lateral suspensory branch damage in his left hind ankle, as well as a past injury to the deep digital flexor tendon. Peter is pasture sound at this time. Peter is happy to be stalled, but he currently lives out 24/7 with a large herd of geldings and is a passive, low man in the pecking order. Peter is not currently being managed with daily anti-inflammatories, but given his history of soft tissue injury in his left hind, he will likely experience arthritic change faster than other horses of his age and management style and would probably benefit from daily NSAIDS like equioxx in the future. Peter is excellent for the farrier and the vet, he enjoys being groomed, is polite to lead, can be bathed, clipped and tied comfortably. Peter is a total ham and a volunteer favorite!

Experience Level Required for Handling:

Advanced Beginner

Experience Level Required for Riding:

Not Applicable

Suitable Disciplines:

Companion Horse (Non-Riding)Therapy Horse

Trained Behaviors:

Behaves well for veterinarianBehaves well for farrierBehaves well with other horsesBehaves well in stallsBehaves well for bathingBehaves well for clippingLoads into trailer wellStands calmly when tied

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