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Rocky Mountain Horse


14.3 hh




Dark Bay



Memphis is a homely, laid back kinda guy! He truly shines on the trails where he is perfectly content to lead or to mosey behind other horses.

He does gait but it is not refined yet and he will slip into the pace or the trot as well so he will need a rider who is interested in developing the gait or who is ok if he slips in and out of the different gaits. His canter is to die for, very smooth and comfortable to sit too.

One of his cute features are his ears as they have that lighter gray/brown coloring on the inside of his ears!

He is a well mannered guy to work around, standing calmly for grooming, fly spray, tacking, and mounting. He has been trailered off-site several times for trail rides and he settles in like a pro. Memphis has been ridden both English and western, ridden in a hackamore or a snaffle and he goes with the flow each time.

He will occasionally test the rider by putting on the brakes and/or going backwards (slowly) if he is unsure of where he is being asked to go. He also thinks that suds from the bath might grab his little feet so he does give them the side eye to make sure they don’t sweep him away!

Memphis will make a really comfy trail partner! Ask about him today!

Experience Level Required for Handling:


Experience Level Required for Riding:


Suitable Disciplines:

Riding HorseEnglishWesternPleasureTrailsCompetitive Trail

Trained Behaviors:

Behaves well for veterinarianBehaves well for farrierBehaves well with other horsesBehaves well in stallsBehaves well for bathingLoads into trailer wellStands calmly when tiedExperience working in round penExperience working on lunge lineExperience riding in outdoor arenaExperience riding on trails

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