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Maggie Morris




15.3 hh








Queen Anne's County

After recently losing her herd mate, Maggie Morris is seeking a new home where she can be a companion to other horses and get the attention she deserves. Maggie is a beautiful 2001, 15.3h registered Thoroughbred mare who has been in her current home for 8 years. She lost her gelding companion at the end of April and is now alone. Her owner has debated over getting another horse to keep Maggie company or rehoming her. Ultimately, her owner has made the difficult decision to rehome her since they are dealing with health issues of their own and can't take on another horse.

Maggie is a kind soul who loves getting doted on. She stood quietly untied while her owner brushed her all over and picked up all four hooves. She was haltered and lead easily around her paddock. Maggie did get nervous and slightly pushy when we took her out of her paddock for photos, but settled down quickly once back where she was comfortable and confident. More frequent and consistent handling, and another equine friend, will probably help boost her confidence back up once she settles in at her new home.

Maggie seems to have great manners all-around and would be an excellent companion horse for a wide variety of homes. When settled and in her routine, she's well-behaved enough for an advanced beginner to work with. She's good with both mares and geldings. Maggie does well in a stall, but can also enjoy living outside 24/7. Her owner does blanket her during the winter, but she requires no other special care beyond that. She's an easy-keeper and is currently getting no supplements or meds to keep her comfortable and healthy. Maggie is updated on farrier and deworming, and her owner is willing to get all shots and Coggins updated as well. While it's been a couple years since her teeth were floated, she's having no trouble chewing and is maintaining her weight with ease.

If you are in need of a buddy horse, give Maggie your consideration! She's a lovebug!

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Experience Level Required for Handling:

Advanced Beginner

Experience Level Required for Riding:

Not Applicable

Suitable Disciplines:

Companion Horse (Non-Riding)Therapy HorseLiberty/Groundwork Partner

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