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Luci is a 26 year old appendix cross mare that came in on November 4th 2021 from Anne Arundel County animal control. Luci was living on an isolated property alone, as her companion horse had passed away some time ago. She broke out of her pasture and was found wandering on her own by a neighbor. When animal control officers arrived to take her in, they found her elderly owner was actually in need of medical attention herself. Her owner was not providing the care that Luci needed for some time, and she was a body condition score of a 3. If Luci had not let herself out of her pasture, it is possible that her owner would not have also received the medical attention she needed. We like to think that Luci saved the both of them. While in rehab, Luci lost four teeth during a much needed dental float!

Luci is a wonderful mare, in her younger years she was a dressage horse and later a lesson horse jack-of-all-trades. She currently is baby sitting an elderly Thoroughbred mare in rehab so she’ll make a great, quiet companion for other horses and would be suitable to occasionally cart small kids around for a short pony ride. If you have a soft spot for the senior horse with a tad bit of spunk, Luci just might be the one for you!

Experience Level Required for Handling:


Experience Level Required for Riding:

Not Applicable

Suitable Disciplines:

Companion Horse (Non-Riding)Therapy HorseLiberty/Groundwork Partner

Trained Behaviors:

Behaves well for bathingLoads into trailer wellStands calmly when tiedExperience working in round penExperience working on lunge lineBehaves well for veterinarianBehaves well for farrierBehaves well with other horsesBehaves well in stalls
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