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Hunka Munka & Alpine Cat




16.0 hh




Dark Bay




Carroll County

Hunka Munka and Alpine Cat are a bonded pair looking for a home together. These two 20+ year old girls were primarily used as broodmares and have been together for over half their lives. When their breeder/owner downsized and closed their business, these two needed a place to go. Their current owner agreed to take them in to give them a safe place to live until a more permanent home could be found for them.

Hunka Munka (larger star) is an outgoing, sociable mare who seeks out attention and has a naturally curious personality. While in their field to take photos and videos, it was rare that she wasn't sniffing us looking for treats, raiding our tool bag, or following us around. Hunka Munka was slightly off on the left front and flexion was a bit limited in the knee, so there's a chance she may have some arthritis. However, she moved around comfortably and was in otherwise wonderful condition. She stood well for grooming and picking up all four hooves. Hunka Munka would be suitable for an advanced beginner to intermediate handler.

Alpine Cat (smaller star) is more introverted than Hunka Munka, but is still very sweet. She stood well for grooming and picking up all four hooves. She was in excellent condition overall. Alpine Cat would be suitable for an intermediate handler, especially because she can get nervous if out of her routine or away from her friend.

Both of these girls have been companions for most of their lives and may do best continuing to do so for the rest of their lives as well. That being said, both were ridden may years ago and may be able to be restarted by someone with the experience to do so.

Hunka Munka and Alpine Cat are both easy-keepers and are currently being fed minimal grain to maintain their weight. They are turned out 24/7 with a gelding, so they'd do fine in a mixed herd. Both are barefoot, good for the farrier and vet, and require minimal upkeep to keep healthy and happy. They do require some updated care in the form of dentals, Coggins and shots, which their owner may be able to do prior to them leaving. Hunka Munka is good in a stall, but Alpine Cat would prefer to live outside 24/7.

The price listed is the total for both horses.

If you're looking to give a couple of nice horses a loving home, inquire about Hunka Munka and Alpine Cat today!

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