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Anne Arundel County

Hank is one of the loveliest, kindest and gentlest horses you’ve ever met. He stands at a stocky 15.1 HH tall and is a lovely quality Quarter Horse gelding. He is as easy as they come. A calming sweetheart that is a joy to be around. He’s one of those horses that immediately reduces stresses and worries of the world for his person. He has the most beautiful eyes to match his big heart. He’s absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Hank is looking for a super private farm that is looking to add the most pleasant companion horse to their home. He could quite happily provide a super opportunity for little grandkids or children to love him, groom him and take short pony rides around a field with him. Equally he would be very well suited to a non-riding therapy program. He’s very willing, straight forward and trustworthy. He is not suited for lesson programs at this time. *Hank will need a home that provides him 24/7 turnout*.

Hank was acquired by his current person as a walk/trot lesson horse prospect. He came from Ohio and joined them just in April of 2021. Sadly there may have been some dishonesty on the seller’s behalf, as upon arrival and after a time of decompression from his trip he started to exhibit bucking and back soreness. After much effort and investment, his current owner was faced with a diagnosis of Kissing Spine. This was diagnosed after radiographs were taken. He is a very stoic horse and has done a great job to try to do his best. His current owner has tried massage therapy, acupuncture, injections and physical therapy at no success, other than having him now be unreactive to back palpitations. He is therefore very comfortable and very happy as a non-riding horse. He has not been evaluated for Kissing Spine surgery. His current owner would be open to a new home exploring that option if they had the means to do so.

Hank is otherwise in excellent condition. He is a good weight, barefoot, and on no supplements or medications. He is beyond easy to handle and care for. He will stand quietly and patiently on the crossties for grooming, picking feet and all that good stuff. 24 hour turnout is best for him. He is fine with geldings or mares. He is also fine with private turn out. He’s very easy to lead and work with. He is a real sweetheart and a very gentle soul. He will make a very lovely horse for someone.

Hank is up to date for his shots, Coggins, hoof care and dental work. He is clearly very well taken care of horses, no matter what. His current owner would allow for vet records to be shared with screened applicants that they have been connected with. They wish for him to have a forever home where he can be loved and enjoyed. They are open to him going out of state for the right person. They also wish to let his new owner know that he will always have a home at his current farm, if the situation should arise. Also open to him staying and being a boarder at his current farm. He is clearly very much loved.

Suitable Disciplines:

Companion Horse (Non-Riding)Therapy Horse

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