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Tennessee Walker


15.3 hh







Dory is a spicy older lady who thrives in a quiet environment with a smaller herd. She has a beautiful, soft red coat and a luxurious, thick tail so buy a lot of show sheen for pampering days. She can be a bit of a worrier when she is away from her friends so she would love a person who understands that! She does a sweet snort when she gets a little overwhelmed but tries very hard to be polite and mindful of her person. Dory is sound and healthy so she has been doing some light riding (walking only a few times a week) but would also be perfectly content to be a beautiful pasture pet for someone. Under saddle she is forward thinking and a tad spooky so she does need a confident, quiet rider. Her gait is quite comfortable but due to her age, she primarily is riding around at the walk. She is barefoot and living out 24/7 in a large herd of mares but she has also lived with one other gelding and did quite well. Dory deserves the quiet retired life…do you have space in your field and your heart for this special girl?

Experience Level Required for Handling:


Experience Level Required for Riding:

Upper Intermediate

Suitable Disciplines:

Riding HorseEnglishWesternPleasureWalk/ Light Rider

Trained Behaviors:

Behaves well for veterinarianBehaves well for farrierBehaves well with other horsesBehaves well in stallsBehaves well for bathingLoads into trailer wellExperience working in round penExperience working on lunge lineExperience riding in outdoor arena

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